School Advocacy

Akilah has extensive experience in every level of education. Her mandate is ensure the well-being of children and youth not only by advocating for them but by showing them how to stand in their own power and advocate for themselves.

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Professional Counselling

Akilah is a clinical social worker with over 15 years of experience counselling individuals, couples and families.

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Psycho-educational Workshops

Akilah combines her Adult Education training with her Master’s degree in Social Work to offer professional interactive workshops which address popular topics which individuals and families grapple with today.

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Use Your Voice, Speak Your Truth

Use Your Voice, Speak Your Truth

Hello world!

I am here to work with you towards the development, implementation and revelation of your better self, your better life!

Living your better life is made possible through the eradication of as much negative as possible, learning to cope with the rest while highlighting the positive and being well enough to do what needs to be done.

Stepping into your power and using your voice to speak truth is foundational to your process of growth towards a better you and a better life. Silence is not helpful in this process if it is used to cover ugly truths which needs to be addressed, explained and/or understood.

Silence is not helpful if it is used to cover questions which move you towards information essential to positive change and development.
The consequences to not using our voices in a positive way can be:

1. Internalizing of what needs to be spoken, swallowing what needs to be spat out, this may lead to internalized stress, overeating, addictions, stress illnesses etc. This way nothing is expressed and the silenced person becomes unwell with the unspoken.
2. Externalizing of what needs to be spoken, screaming in the wind, this may lead to violence, destruction of property, damaged relationships, acting out, etc. This way what is expressed is not understood and is followed up with negative consequences.

Working towards finding your voice and using it positively is an exercise in encouraging wellness. Hearing and honouring the voices of others is an exercise in helping others to be well and contributing to the wellness of your relationships.

Sometimes silence is so loud that we cannot hear anything but that silence! Find your voice and give others the encouragement to do the same.

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