School Advocacy

Akilah has extensive experience in every level of education.  She has worked with public elementary schools, public secondary schools, Catholic elementary schools, home schooled children, medically fragile home educated children, Teens with mild intellectual disabilities (MID) in public high school, cognitively impaired adults in an adult school, section 23 classrooms, and private schools. Akilah is present for our children and parents! She spent five years conducting anti bullying workshops to students and educators in schools all across Ontario.

When asked about her advocacy work Akilah said:

“The reason I am alive is to ensure the well-being of children and youth not only by advocating for them but by showing them how to stand in their own power and advocate for themselves.”

Akilah remembers her youngest brother as the person who she first attended a school meeting on behalf of. At the time, he was transitioning from grade eight to high school and she had just finished her first year of university.

“I travelled by Go Train and local buses from Hamilton to Mississauga to speak up for my brother when he was being streamed into a vocational secondary school although he had personal plans and abilities incongruent to that. My advocacy changed the course of his life and mine! Realizing the power of advocacy, I never stopped. To date, there are untold numbers of students and parents who have walked a different path, one more suitable to their personal goals and abilities, because I advocated for them. In doing so I show them how to use their own voices.”

Regardless of the educational facility she has worked with, she has easily developed a positive rapport with students and staff alike, and left a legacy of positive support, personal development and change.

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Rate: $90+HST per hour


Akilah provided invaluable advice, representation and advocacy navigating through the complexities of the Education system.  She has the expertise to see through and effectively address predictable politics and barriers.  Her experience and expertise enables her to work effectively with school leaders and teachers and provide a comprehensive understanding of education law and the rights of students.  Prior to school meetings Akilah thoroughly reviewed my son’s records enabling her to advocate for his needs, rights and address my concerns.  Always respectful and assertive.

 Elleah, Durham Region